I was bored and practicing something on FCP for college which resulted in me turning the NYC unholy trinity scene into a ridiculously, ridiculously random ghetto-esque, dramatic, lesbian silent film in which the trinity quarrel about sex. Close your eyes kiddies.

“She still won’t let me explore her garden”


OMG who made this, lol

The Official Heya Timeline (below the cut)


I often go back and forth in my mind wanting more than anything to believe that Heya is/was on, but trying to look at everything as objectively as possible and not to let all the craziness go to my head and make me see something that’s not really there… so I did some “scientific” research and created what I have so creatively dubbed the “Heya timeline” – a timeline of events I find to be significant in the history of Heya.  (It doesn’t help that PR typically keeps them under lock and key so areas of “down time” may not have been due to lack of Heya being on but rather due to PR keeping things under wraps.  It’s hard to be sure.)

It’s actually quite difficult to search the internet for some of this stuff because all I get are fan sites and not direct sources!  There are also a few things I wanted to include (ex. “Naya loves her Heatherette” <— does anyone have a screen cap of this??), but could not find a date or source for, so I left them out.  Nevertheless, I did my best – if there’s anything I should add or that needs corrected, please let me know (and provide a source!).   A HUGE thanks goes out to the lovely Miss Addison for helping with my research!  (You should follow her if you don’t already!)  Also, if anyone wants to make this into some nice organized graphic or chart or whatever, let’s make that happen! I just don’t have those skills.  While all I care about is HeYa, I was trying to make this as objective as possible (for all of the doubters and naysayers out there) so I included significant dates regarding their alleged hetero relationships as well.  I also tried to leave out anything that was merely speculation/rumors.  The “evidence” provided here is all photographs or direct quotes from Naya and Heather.  I only included links for sources on some of the entries, but I do have all the sources available if anyone would like to see them.

While I believe Heather was definitely dating Taylor prior to her start on Glee and is possibly with him now, it should be noted they do not seem to have been together this entire time (see January 3, 2011).  According to my research, it seems most likely that Heya was on from the time they met until somewhere around the end of 2009 and/or early Spring 2010 until Fall 2010.  But research aside, Heya has ALWAYS been on.  Here are the facts.  Take them as you will.

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